Zorg II (2019)



Logline: An alien comes to earth in hopes of starring in a sci-fi film.

Duration: 21:42

Production country: Estonia

Medium: pen and ink, cutout

Written, directed, animated by Auden Lincoln-Vogel

Supervised by Priit Pärn and Olga Pärn

Featuring original music by Rasmus Lill, Michael McClean, and Cannonball Statman

Sound design by Michael McClean (www.radio-moon.com)

Voices by Kirsten Sogaard and Sally Lincoln-Vogel

Original songs from the film by Cannonball Statman. Check them out here!



Interview - NewFilmmakers Los Angeles

Interview - Salute Your Shorts Film Festival



Trailer for “Zorg II”



Zorg II poster

Lithograph film poster for “Zorg II”



Boxer Short Films (Mar. 31, 2022), Birmingham, UK

Arctic Film Festival (Sep. 3-4, 2021), Longyearbyen, Norway (Best Animation)

Cleveland International Film Festival (Apr. 7-20, 2021), Cleveland, OH, USA (Official Selection)

Glasgow Short Film Festival (Mar. 22-28, 2021), Glasgow, UK (Official Selection)

Tbilisi International Animation Festival (Dec. 26-29, 2020), Tbilisi, Georgia (Official Selection)

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck (Nov. 4-11, 2020), Lübeck, Germany (Official Selection)

Animasivo (Nov. 25-29), Mexico City, Mexico (Official Selection)

Pittsburgh Shorts (Nov. 11-22, 2020), Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Official Selection)

Malt Adult Animation Night (Nov. 7, 2020), Columbus, OH, USA (Official Selection)

Big Cartoon Festival (Oct. 29-Nov. 9, 2020), Moscow, Russia (Official Selection)

[Big Cartoon Festival local editions 2021: Krasnoyarsk (March 26 – April 9),
Voronezh (April 15-18 ) and Nizhny Novgorod (May 28 – June 6)]

Animatricks Animation Festival (Oct. 15-18, 2020), Helsinki, Finland (Official Selection)

Chicago Underground Film Festival (Nov. 9-22, 2020), Chicago, IL, USA (Official Selection)

Taichung International Animation Festival (Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2020), Taichung City, Taiwan (Grand Prix)

Loudoun Arts Film Festival (Sep. 10-19, 2020), Leesburg, VA, USA (Best Student Director)

Animasivo (Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2020), Mexico City, Mexico (Official Selection)

Student International Film Festival (Nov. 25-29, 2020), Rijeta, Croatia (Grand Prix)

Salute Your Shorts Film Festival (Aug. 21-29, 2020), Los Angeles, CA (Best Animation)

Lonely Wolf Film Festival (Aug. 20, 2020), London, UK (Best Experimental Film)

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (Aug. 21-23, 2020), Los Angeles, CA (Official Selection)

Animation Block Party (Aug. 21-23, 2020), Brooklyn, NY (Official Selection)

Vagrant Film Festival (Jul. 2-11, 2020), traveling festival (Official Selection)

Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Aug. 27-30, 2020),
Žilina, Slovakia (Official Selection)

Jersey Shore Film Festival (Jun. 23-30, 2020), Asbury Park/Deal Park, NJ, USA (Official Selection)

Festival Film court d’Angoulême (Apr. 2, 2020), Angoulême, France

Filmfest Dresden (Sep. 8-13, 2020),  Dresden, Germany (Winner - International Animation)

MovieScreenPro Film Festival (Feb. 14, 2020), (Special Mention)

Slamdance Film Festival (Jan. 24-30), Park City, UT, USA (Official Selection)

Premiers Plans Film Festival (Jan. 17-26, 2020), Angers, France (Official Selection)

Sunday Shorts (date TBD), London, England (Official Selection)

Sunday Shorts (Jan. 12, 2020), Lisbon, Portugal (Official Selection)

Wine Cinema at ETK (Dec. 19, 2019), Tallinn, Estonia (Official Selection)

Poitiers Film Festival (Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2019), Poitiers, France (Official Selection)

GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation (Nov. 21-24, 2019), Calgary, Canada (Official Selection)

Black Nights Film Festival (Nov. 19-27, 2019), Tallinn, Estonia (Special Jury Mention)

International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (Nov. 5-10, 2019), Winterthur, Switzerland (Official Selection)

Swidnica Film Festival SPEKTRUM (Nov. 5-11, 2019) Wrocław, Poland (Official Selection)

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Oct. 24-27, 2019) Fredrikstad, Norway (Official Selection)

Studentu KinoFests (Oct. 1, 2019), Riga, Latvia (Winner - Jury Prize)

Wasteland Film Festival (Sep. 25-29, 2019) Edwards, CA, USA (Official Selection)

“Washing My Honey” (Jun. 2019), Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia



Zorg II storyboard

An early storyboard of the film.

Zorg II storyboard

More from the same storyboard.

Complicated storyboard

The “Big Plan.”

Splatter ink sketch of fly

Some early concept sketches for the fly.

Black and white ink sketch of detective in bar

Early concept sketch of the detective.

Messy apartment

Working conditions year one. Tehnika, Tallinn. Some things are on the floor.

Messy studio with paper cutouts covering wall

Working conditions year two. Lembitu, Tallinn. Things that were on floor have been transferred to walls via house-paint/leaf-blower technologies.

Zorg II frame

Example of an original frame.

Sketch of highway cloverleaf

Concept sketch for three-dimensional intergalactic highway cloverleaf.

Frames of gnarly hair

Animating chaotic things shifting slowly. Here it’s a tangle of hair.

Inking a frame of the detective.

Animating in the studio on Lembitu. There are many advantages to working in a building that is waiting to be demolished.

After Effects composition


Painted timeline with multiple colors

Illustrated instructions for the sound designer Michael McClean.

Michael McClean’s sound design process.



Greenish lattice of hexagons

Fly vision.

Fly sucking holes out of meat

The fly.

Alien sitting on magazine cutout of nose channel surfing

Alien watching TV.

Alien standing in line at grocery store

Alien at a superstore.

3D highway cloverleaf in outer space

Intergalactic highway cloverleaf.

Detective in a bar

The detective…

Auden Lincoln-Vogel ©2022